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Spit in the Wind Portraits©

Capture your children in a storybook-type illustration before they dye their hair purple, don only black and double pierce their ears.

Cost: $75 for a matted and framed illustration of 1-3 people.

Spit in the Wind Portraits© will create a one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn depiction of your little princess dressed in her favorite Christmas dress, tattered fairy wings and that purple tutu she WILL NOT take off (believe me, we know you’ve tried). Or your sweet little guy draped in his superhero cape, underwear and the batman rain boots he practically sleeps in. Let us capture them before they grow too big to pair plaid with polka dots, swimsuits with cowboy boots, baubles with-well anything! Before tiaras are NOT considered every-day attire.

What we will need:
• Three to five pictures of your child(ren) sent via email that includes what you want them to wear.
• A description of what you want them to wear (i.e. purple wings, pink tutu, ladybug rain boots, a crown and a pink necklace).
• The color of their eyes (blue, brown, green) and hair.
• Whether you would like snow, field of flowers or grass as a setting. All illustrations will have a painted background of either blue or yellow.
• Anything special we should know about your child (i.e. she likes to wear her hair in pigtails or he loves his stuffed bear) that would help with the illustration. If you want a particular “lovey” included in the picture, please send a photo of it.

Sam Illustration Leslie Illustration
Snow Illustration Gigi Illustration

Let them stay little –at least in an illustration!
Call or email Siobhan (Sha-von) today to get started 303-761-9143 or siobhanLia@gmail.com


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